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The Salvation Army Home for Children in Guadalajara

 The American Society of Jalisco has a relationship with the The “Ejercito de Salvacion, A.C., Hogar de Ninos” (Salvation Army Home for Children.) The children range from first grade to second year of high school. AmSoc makes a yearly donation to the Hogar at Christmas time.

By far, the most urgent need at the Hogar is money. The home is required to be self-sufficient, thus relying on donations as its main source of income to cover the needs of 50 children. The children come from homes in difficult situations; some are from single parents who can’t take care of the youngsters during the week, or from parents in prison. A few are orphans. Most children go home on the weekends to a responsible relative. Non-family members may not take children outside for excursions. The Salvation Army receives children referred to them by state social services organizations and the district attorney’s office.

Would you like to Sponsor a Child at the Salvation Army Orphanage?

The Salvation Army Home for Children offers a sponsorship program where you can sponsor a child for a very modest amount.  There are about 50 children living at the Home now and about half of them need sponsors.  It takes so little to be a sponsor and the rewards are so big.  These children are so loving and so appreciative of everything. 

To be a sponsor is different for everybody.  It really depends on what the person wants to put into it – the amount of time and/or effort.  Some of the sponsors visit “their” children at the Home.  Others are only able to contribute financially to the child, but this contribution helps with the expenses of school or just the everyday needs of the child.

In order to sponsor a child, the donations are as follows:  1 year for $1800 pesos or $180 USD or 6 months for $900 pesos or $90 USD.  If you are interested, please contact Ms. Pamela Lathrop, Sponsorship Chairman at (33) 3133-2528.  When you become a sponsor, you will receive a photograph with the name, birth date and the favorite pastime of “your” child.

Being a sponsor is very rewarding and you can really help a child in need.

The Junior League of Guadalajara

The JLG is an organization of women committed to promote volunteerism, promote growth in women’s’ potential and act effectively to improve the community. Its purpose is exclusively educational and altruistic.

  • We help women with newborns with blankets, clothes and personal hygiene articles plus interviews to identify problems and orient them towards appropriate solutions.
  • We offer cooking classes and promote healthy eating habits to aid in combating childhood obesity.
  • We promote ecological awareness by monitoring plant nurseries in schools and educating the students.
  • We help families in San Sebastiano with bazaars and classes of art therapy, reading, use of computers and healthy and sanitary cooking.
  • We provide both individual help and organize fund raisers like golf tournaments, high heel races and beauty events for organizations with specific community needs.

 All women are invited to participate. Please contact us at telephone (33) 3121-0887 or
E-Mail:  Facebook:

Junior League of Guadalajara, A.C.
Bank: Santander Serfin
Account (Cuenta): 655001587313
Branch (Sucursal): 4686


CODENI (Colectivo Pro Derechos de la Niñez) aids children and families who work on the streets of downtown Guadalajara with formal and popular education, recreation, social work and psychological attention.  (33) 3827-4274. Check out the CODENI Sponsorship Program.

MNINI is an artisan cooperative of CODENI mothers, initiated to offer a brighter future for their children and an alternative to selling potato chips on the streets. (33) 3367-9192.

The MNINI Cooperative is run by a group of Otomí women who migrated to Guadalajara from Santiago Mezquititlán, Querétero in search of a better quality of life. Selling handicrafts (example below) is a source of pride and dignity for the people of MNINI. The cooperative not only provides hope of a better future, it empowers the Otomies to value their culture and pass it on to their children.