Membership in the American Society of Jalisco is divided into two categories. General membership is open to United States and Canadian citizens ( 18 and over) who may vote for the Board of Directors in a yearly general election and may serve on the Board of Directors. Associate membership is open to all other nationalities and includes students 18 years of age or older. Except for the right to vote and serve on the Board of Directors, no distinction will be made between memberships, with both having full rights and benefits of the American Society of Jalisco.


Join AmSoc and enjoy all the benefits of being part of a vital and informative group to the established community and newcomers.

General Membership:  $400 MXN per year or $250 MXN for six months.
Associate Membership:  $300 MXN per year or $200 MXN for six months.

You may print out the PDF membership application, fill out, and return or mail to the office.

New Member Application