Are you an English speaking resident of Guadalajara? A visitor? A potential resident? A Spanish speaker who wants to learn conversational English? If so, the American Society of Jalisco (AMSOC) is a great resource for services, socializing and information in the Guadalajara metropolitan area!

We have been in Guadalajara since 1945 and AMSOC membership consists of retirees, working professionals, students, and others. Our members hail from the U.S., Canada, England, Mexico, The Netherlands, Yugolsalvia, Greece and Peru. With our membership this varied, we can provide you with information, services, and contacts that will improve your Guadalajara experience as a visitor or resident. If you are considering living here, we can help make the transition easier.

Services for Members

  • Low cost rental of facility for social, educational, marketing events and conferences.

  • Loan of books and DVD movies from the largest English library in Western Mexico

  • Referrals for general medical, dental, legal, and immigration services.

  • Information and assistance with tours for business or pleasure.

  • Book discussion group every third Thursday, 10 a.m. to noon, followed by a movie of the book monthly.

Services for Everyone

  • International telephone: $10 MXN per hour.

  • Wireless Internet: $10 MXN per hour.

  • Special holiday dinners.

  • Weekly luncheons on Thursdays followed by card games

  • Conversational English classes.

  • English speaking AA meetings.

  • Lite aerobics classes.

We Are Volunteers!

Social and other events held by The American Society are largely hosted by member volunteers. Drop by and talk with us and you will find that no matter what talent or skill you possess, it will be valuable